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Your First Orthodontic Visit

What to Expect at Your First Visit

During your visit we may take photos, digital x-rays, and 3D models at no charge to help Dr. Freeman assess your specific treatment needs. You will be provided a copy of your photographs and a duplicate of your x-ray will be forwarded to your dentist. 

Freeman Orthodontics New Patient Exam Room

New Patient Paperwork

First Visit Orthodontic Records


xray first visit

Panoramic x-rays are taken to evaluate eruption and development of adult teeth. 


xray first visit

Cephalometric x-rays are taken to evaluate the patient’s bite. 



Intraoral and extraoral photos are taken throughout treatment to document changes! 

3D Models

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3D Scans are quick, comfortable and perfect for treatment planning and documentation. 

What Happens Next

During your first visit Dr. Freeman will review: is treatment indicated, the best time to begin, all available treatment options as well as the estimated length of treatment.  Our treatment coordinator will review financial arrangements and  schedule your future appointments.

First Visit

Financing & Insurance FAQ’s